Weeks Of Our Year Photo Masks, for all your Project 52 ideas

Where are the weeks going?

And here we are, the middle of June, the middle of the year and about to have the shortest day of the year next week down here (and the longest day for the northern hemisphere).

The good news of the week is that our boy does NOT need surgery, thank the lord, but has an extremely badly bruised bone. Sheesh, you should see the MRI scan… and I am oh so very squeamish but I managed to keep myself together when shown the scan. Poor kid has to be on crutches and in the full leg brace for another few weeks. No sport, no standing on the leg, lots of small exercises to build the surrounding muscle again… kids!!

The sad news of the week is that so many innocent people lost their lives in a senseless attack in Orlando, Florida. We were completely shocked and saddened by what we read and saw and send prayers and love to all whose lives have been touched by this tragic event.

This got me thinking about all the things that happen to us each week (of course leading on from what happens each day and each month) so I have created the Weeks Of Our Year Photo Masks (Pack One) which will help with all your Project 52 creations to document each week as it happens. These Weeks Of Our Year Photo Masks coordinate with my Our Days/Months Of Our Year Photomasks already in my stores. I will be releasing a new pack of Weeks Of Our Year Photo Masks on a regular basis, aaaalllll they way through to Week 52 😉

weeks of our year, masks, photos, project 52

You will find this first set of Weeks Of Our Year at 30% off all weekend until midnight Monday June 20 EST in both my The Digichick store here from Thursday and Ginger Scraps store here from Friday.

Here is some gorgeous inspiration by my super team of talented ladies for your enjoyment. (And don’t forget to keep going until you reach my Weeks Of Our Year Freebie afterwards)

weeks of our year, masks, photos, project 52

gorgeous layout by the marvellous Molly

weeks of our year, masks, photos, project 52

super summery layout by the sensational Susanna

weeks of our year, masks, photos, project 52

delightful layout by the diving Debby

and by the super talented ladies at The Digichick and GingerScraps

weeks of our year, masks, photos, project 52 weeks of our year, masks, photos, project 52

layouts by Jenni and Kay

 weeks of our year, masks, photos, project 52 Michi2

layouts by Michi

Weeks Of Our Year Photo Masks Free Gift For You. Simply click on the image to download and enjoy.

weeks of our year, masks, photos, project 52

Don’t forget that the June Challenge is up on my Monthly Challenges Page right here. This month it is related to the Ice Cream Shoppe set of products but can be used any which way you want. Head on over and check it out.

and now to my regular sign off…

That’s it from me for today, I hope you all have a most super weekend ahead and get to enjoy all that is love, life and family. And.. don’t forget to take photos, lots and lots of photos to keep those memories alive; and then… then go and scrap them into beautiful and long lasting history for yourself and your families.

Plus, I would love to hear from you and see any and all memories you create with my Weeks Of Our Year Photo Masks as with all my products.

Stay well, stay happy, stay scrapping and let’s hope it’s a better week for all who have suffered a tragedy this past week, thinking of you Florida!

Jo xx

  • Ruth Smith

    JoCee the download for the new freebie is not working…it goes to photobucket and is just the sneak peek…so you may want to check on this. Thanks.

    • Jo

      thanks Ruth, all fixed now… DB was playing silly

  • Katrina

    I’m having the same problem. It’s just a teasing peek, but no way to download.

    • Jo

      Thanks Katrina, all fixed now.. issues with DB links. enjoy

  • Pam K

    Love this series of photo masks … thanks for the freebie!

    • Jo

      yay Pam, so happy to hear. lots lost more to come… hoping to make some with different themes too..so keep an eye out xx